Future Financial Planning

Self Managed Super

For most people, their superannuation or retirement benefit is their second largest asset outside their family home. That makes managing your retirement funds a serious business and it’s not for everyone.

Managing your own super fund may be suitable if you:

  • Are financially sophisticated;
  • Have the time to manage your funds to ensure it generates an effective investment return;
  • Are confident about choosing appropriate assets for your investments;
  • Have enough assets to make it financially viable.

Future Financial Planning can help you:

  • Evaluate whether self-managed super is the best option for you;
  • Arrange for the fund to be set up, including the establishment of the Trust Deed, auditing and accounting services;
  • Provide you with investment and estate planning advice;
  • Arrange for the ongoing administration and compliance of your fund.

For further advice and assistance regarding Self Managed Super Funds, contact us today.