Future Financial Planning

What to expect

Not sure what to expect from a Financial Planner?? Financial planning is a coordinated process of identifying, planning for, and meeting your financial goals. It is a process of managing your finances to help you make the most of your money to achieve your personal and financial goals.

At our first meeting, we will ask you about you – about where you are now, about your expectations, about how you would like to live your life.

We will then conduct something called ‘fact finding’ – we will ask you about your personal circumstances and help you to determine your attitude towards risk. Your attitude to risk means whether you are conservative in the way you invest, aggressive or somewhere in between.

We will ask you for detailed personal information; which is required to put together your financial plan. For example your age, personal income, day-to-day expenses, assets & liabilities, super and insurance situation, state of health etc.

You will also need to have considered your goals and current financial position.

For further advice or assistance on what to expect from a financial planner, contact us today.